5 Major TikTok Features That Every User Need To Know In 2020

Social media is a growing world that surprises us each time. When one platform monopolizes the space, the other platform emerges, and the landscape shifts. TikTok is a short-form social media video platform gaining more active engagements among the younger generation. It is a social platform that provides an opportunity for users to become a creator with a wide range of categories from lip-synching to creative skits to viral challenges.

TikTok has over more than 500 million active users worldwide, with 80% of Millennial and Generation Z audiences. It is one of the most popular social media networking platforms with more than 1 billion downloads globally, considered to be a competitor platform to big giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and much more. TikTok, as a powerful social media platform, is growing at its popularity, and influence is continuing to spread.

With the ever-growing popularity of engagement, TikTok provides vast opportunities to brands and influencers to achieve success on the platform. Social media service providers like wooxie offer the best TikTok services to gain more success. This guide suggests the five major TikTok features that every user, brand, and influencer needs to know in 2020.

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges are one of TikTok‘s central factors of driving engagement with its audience in terms of creating and sharing content. One can view the discovery page using the hashtag challenge name to view the trending hashtags and challenges. User-generated content is the key component for each TikTok challenge where users complete specific actions or participate in a challenge by recording themselves and becoming a creator.

Generation Z audiences are the elusive people of early professionals, and teenagers are higher in the TikTok platform, creating content and eagerly share their creative skills with others. User’s record content or actions themselves attempting to perform their own challenge or various challenges other TikTokers perform.

For You Page

When you open the TikTok application, users are presented with a seamless display of various short-form video content. These videos are curated carefully based on the user’s history of watched videos and liked videos. If a user is featured on the For You page as a creator, they can get more likes and followers to interact and engage with your content.

Here are few tips on how to get on TikTok “For You” page:

  • Video Quality – Create video footage of high quality. Users will look into your content if it is clear rather than blurry.
  • Engaging Content – Show your personality through entertaining, creative, and unique content. Make your fans feel happy after watching your videos, and that would be enough to get more likes and post comments, which in turn helps your ranking. Similarly, buy tiktok shares to increase your account engagement, which in turn results in more attention.
  • Integrate Challenges And Trends – Research popular trends and post a challenge video that provides a higher chance of increasing viral momentum.
  • Interact – Gain more traction by interacting with other users by liking and commenting on their posts.


TikTok, more than social networking, is reliant on memes for much of its engaging content. Previously, Vine was the popular social media platform that annoys people with shot form video clips of memes, visual illusions, funny scenarios, jokes, magic tricks. After Vine, people started using Snapchat and IGTV. Users create and share several memes and stink to a lot of annoying, fun, and creative activities on the platform.


If you are active on TikTok, you would have probably heard about the popular TikTok trend that helps to create slow-motion videos called TikTok Slow-Mo. Sometimes, TikTok users can edit their video content into slow motion to attract viewers, fans, and followers. You can emphasize your video content with several clips, music, or favorite lines. If your objective is to gain more followers, then buy tiktok views and gain more popularity.

Brand Advertising

With the rise and ever-growing popularity, brands have flocked to the platform to experiment with various TikTok marketing features. Some of the TikTok Advertising features are:

  • Infeed ads
  • Branded hashtags
  • Brand Takeovers
  • Shoppable ads

With the help of these advertising formats, brands test and optimize their TikTok marketing campaign to achieve the best results. These new features collect more eyeballs to their creative and unique content.