How TikTok Could Transform Into An E-commerce Platform?

Once a social platform gains enormous reach and garners many people, it will turn into a significant market for brands to enlarge their business. As brands and marketers will always be keen on spotting new ways to find new prospects and convert them into their customers. Hence, if a platform or place or no matter what so ever, if a huge number of people accumulate or converge there, then it will turn out into a ‘marketing spot’ for brands. Thus, brands and marketers will always be keen to reach more audiences in a go. Though mass media such as television, billboards are once utilized by brands to reach out to a large mass audience and for campaigns, as days pass by and the advent of digital platforms has opened doors for marketers to reach a large number of people easily. This is the reason behind social platforms are considered to be a major marketing medium for brands. 

Facebook and Twitter followed by Instagram played a vital role for marketers to enlarge their businesses. However, in recent times, the rise of another social platform has grabbed the attention of marketers as the platform is having a consistent userbase across many countries. It is none other than ‘TikTok’. The platform enjoys a huge userbase in many countries especially the leading consumer market countries such as India,  China, and the USA. All these countries take the first three spots of the list of the countries with the most number of TikTok users with India leading the table of most TikTok downloads accounting to more than 466 million. Services like TikViral have facilitated the pathway for the TikTok users to gain popularity easily. Thus, this social platform could be used as an effective medium by brands to reach a large number of people.

The platform is the place where Millenials Z and Generation Z converge. They form the majority of its userbase who are the most potential consumers. This prompts brands to have their presence on this platform as the huge userbase assures them to increase their conversion rates. Though its been less than four years since TikTok is rolled out, all the major brands have made their entry into this social platform in the thought of finding new prospects and maximizing the conversion rates. Thus, in recent times, many brands that made their entry into this platform and buy tiktok likes services to spot the target audience and convince them to take action. 

Thus, the lip-synching platform is at its transformation stage into an e-commerce platform availing brands to spot out their prospects and increase their conversion rates. Many brands have added their official website link to their bio in an intention to drive people to their website and make the purchase. The reason behind is that many people are willing to purchase the product they come across on TikTok. As there are no inbuilt features on TikTok especially for making the checkout, brands add their company website to the bio to facilitate the process for marketers to reach out to their target audience.  

The unavailability of an in-built purchasing feature has prompted customers to leave the application. This is considered as the major drawback by marketers considering that it would affect their conversion rates. However, these inconvenient features did not lead brands to oust TikTok and to be more precise they cannot neglect the application due to its non-eCommerce friendly nature. Many buy TikTok views packages to reach their target audience easily. 

Meanwhile, TikTok has understood the drawbacks faced by marketers and has mooted to develop an inbuilt application facilitating people to check out a product. Hence, in recent times, many brands are shifting from Facebook to TikTok to promote their product and maximize their conversion rate. 

However, brands should be aware that TikTok is not everyone’s cup of tea as the platform is dominated by young people. If your brand focuses on mid-age people then choosing TikTok cannot be the right choice. Meanwhile, brands that focus mostly on Millenials and generation z have begun to spot ways to make use of this platform effectively to convince their target audience.  

Thus, if ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok comes up with a new feature for e-commerce brands, it will further fuel up the reach of the platform as all the brands and marketers will flock into this lip-synching platform with an intention to maximize their sales. As Facebook and Instagram have become more competitive platforms for brands to reach out to prospects and drive sales, marketers are keen on taking a shift to TikTok and maximize their reach.