What Are The Latest Trends On TikTok

In the time that it will take me to write down a list, consisting of the latest trends on TikTok, it will be obsolete. TikTok is fast paced and it’s happening in real time, this is not TV, this is where it is at. If you have to ask what is trending, you are not paying attention and you will most likely never catch up, nor for that matter, catch on.

Generation Z spends less time watching TV than previous generations and is more likely to connect via social media platforms and especially TikTok than Millennials and those forgotten people from the Boomer generation. So why bother with listing things, video is the way that things are heading and even so, it will need serious running shoes just to keep up. 

The smartphone is the number one device that Gen Z turns to for content, it is the preferred method of watching video and even series, plus it has got the advantage of keeping you connected 24/7. It is also the tool that is used for creating most of the content on TikTok and without it we might as well still be living in the dark ages. 

It is imperative therefore that industry should pay very close attention to what is happening on social media platforms and especially TikTok, as it is representative of the youngest generation that is already doing things that analysts could not have predicted in their wildest dreams. To get back to what is trending onTikTok. If one of the top influencers on TikTok features a product in a post, not only is that product going to be exposed to millions of people around the globe, but a considerable percentage of followers are going to emulate the video in their own follow up posts.

Imagine if you are a clothing manufacturer, or have a skincare range, make headphones, dumbbells, pencil sharpeners or whatever and it gets featured in a video by Loren Gray, Baby Ariel or Zach King  That kind of exposure is phenomenal and business is waking up to this relatively untapped marketing platform. 

Right now as I am writing this there is a #PurpleShampooChallenge on TikTok. It comes across as completely random and what it entails is that this shampoo, which just so happens to be purple, will make blond hair “icy blond”  or even give hair a purple tint. It doesn’t do that, but that is beyond the point, what is of importance is that it has gone viral and everyone is posting videos of themselves taking up the challenge and in doing so Clairol, the makers of the product is getting the best advertising that they ever had.

#PurpleShampoo currently has over 60 million views and don’t forget to post your puppy, what will a challenge be if you can’t take it further and wash your dog too, #purpleshampoochallenge  have about 4 million views.

TikTok might come across as just lighthearted fun and games, but when those kinds of figures get mentioned, believe me business sit up a little straighter in their boardroom chairs. 

For the TikTok community who are attuned with what is happening and instinctively know what the trends are and make it their business to be apart of the excitement that surrounds these trends, boring statistics are of no consequence as for market researchers however, it’s an entirely different story.

Making use of TikTok to advertise products could potentially have very lucrative results. Kind Simple Crunch, took up the challenge to market their snack bar on TikTok. The best way of course to do so is to use the TikTok format in the same way that it is meant to be used and as challenges are the most effective way of getting maximum exposure, that is exactly what Kind Simple Crunch did and turned it into a competition. The TikToker with the most views, wins a trip to New York and a year’s worth of product.

#kindsimplecrunchcontest currently has more than 21million views and counting.

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